Your Insta feed is immaculate. Your work itself? Absolutely flawless. But your website? Your website… 

Lacklustre, a bit cluttered, not really shining a light on your professionalism? Maybe your website doesn’t even exist yet because the idea of sitting down to do it is just too much, compared to styling another bridal beauty?

Yet doing a disservice to your online presence by falling short on the website front is only going to hurt your success in the long run. That is a fact. 

You need to be oozing talent out of every online aperture to successfully cut through the noise of social media. 

I'm Arlene

Luckily for you, with a professional background in Human Resources and eCommerce, I found myself venturing out to create luxurious, professional websites for Hairstylists and Makeup Artists and flipping tedious admin processes on their head; enter Wisely Works circa 2019. My own living, breathing pulse of a brand that I love to within an inch of its life.

Through Wisely Works, I help women like you, scale their Hair and MUA businesses by laying a straightforward, functional foundation for all their admin and booking processes and round out their online presence with a
jaw-droppingly luxe website.

Sounds beautiful right?

The leading expert for hair and makeup artists in the wedding industry, who want to elevate their online presence and client interactions.

I do this with a combination of Showit website design and Dubsado setups. 



Websites for H&MU artists
complete with SEO copy

Every enquiry you receive will fit neatly into its own workflow. 

Every email that is automatically sent is pre-written, thoroughly proofread and includes all the important details (bye-bye 2am replies from bed). 

Every client has their own digital card with allllll their specifics. From contact numbers and email addresses to inspo photos and on-the-fly replies. It’s all there, in one, accessible place.

Every step of your client’s journey is polished, professional, branded and beautiful. The bride will gush over how flawless and downright easy it has been to work with you. 

Sounding like a dream come true? 

The right booking process
transforms your client interactions. 


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